Eyes Wide Shut-Mouth Wide Open – The Obesity Epidemic

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Eyes Wide Shut
We are Eating Ourselves into Obesity, Sickness and a Premature Death. The united states – to a large degree – has turned into a nation of food addicts and people who are overly influenced by medications.

Eyes Wide Shut
Millions would like for your elusive magic pill. An easy option that to cure every ailment. Meanwhile the country is caught in a obesity epidemic of outrageous proportions.

To be certain, a food addiction may be even worse or even worse than obsession with cocaine, heroin, alcohol and/or nicotine. There is one problem, however. One can always stop using drugs and alcohol.

But how is a to live without food? There, we presume, lies the quandary. Imagine telling the alcoholic they can have one drink three times per day, however only ONE. Anybody who knows anything in regards to the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism know this is literally impossible.

Food, therefore, is now equally as dangerous to the health as alcohol and other substances.

Biggie-Size It!

The parts of food eaten in the usa specifically, have undergone the roof. Watch television and you may see restaurants advertising bigger and bigger servings. An 8 ounce steak is not enough. Order a 16-ounce steak instead. Oh, and eat all of it by your lonesome.
Sixteen ounces is 3 x exactly what a person needs.

Some eating establishments actually give customers discounts if they’re capable of eat an obscenely large plate in one sitting. Swell.

Larger, Larger, Larger

If the Big Gulp soda was first introduced several decades ago it had been a 16-ounce serving. Today, it’s 64 ounces. Literally one half gallon of soda! Hundreds and hundreds of calories without vitamins and minerals at all.

You see many children drinking water? Then we wonder why childhood and teenage obesity has tripled before Twenty years and today threatens to chop short this generation’s expected life. Various media outlets have published that kids maturing today – the first time in history – are required to get a shorter lifespan than that of their parents. Why?

Obesity. Browse the last sentence again and allow it to sink in. Heck, many are even over feeding their pets. I have come across dogs and cats around that nearly look like horses!

The Plague is Getting Worse

Go out on the road. Odds are, especially if you live in the town, you will be in a position to spot those who weigh two, three and four times what their normal size. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and elevated sugar levels – all induced by overeating.

Doctor… supply this wonderful time pill!

Eastern medicine treats causes while western medicine – by large – focus more about treating symptoms. Recently there was a report – 39-year-old man dies at 750 pounds as a direct consequence of obesity.

Ate himself to Death

The saddest part is the fact that cases like these are becoming commonplace. It’s no longer an issue to weigh 300 or 400 pounds – just obtain a gastric bypass. While valuable in some extreme cases, for the most part this really is another magic pill … another fast solution.

Anything except real change through sacrifice and determination.

Valley of Decision

What it’s all about I must drive home in this edition is: What is it going to require you to make a decision once and for all to take hold of excess fat and eating habits?

Do you want to undergo some discomfort and pain now, or does it require a much more serious, perhaps life-threatening condition to shake you off your slumber? Is not some withdrawal and detoxification pain a tiny investment when it adds several years to your daily life and offers you stamina and mental clarity?

The answers to these questions do understand on the surface, only you in your heart of hearts can answer it yourself. You can be sucked in by the overeating masses or embrace the simple discipline of fasting making this life you’ve count before final moment.


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